E. R.

Love what you fear the most.


E.R. Emotional Release features a cast of over 70 multi-talented and some award winning actors. Tian has worked with 10 of them on previous projects because their work is exemplary. This personal film style, which has been described with adjectives like fearless, dramatic, and truthful, is used once again to show a woman who grew up with a limited emotional range. The narrative music album uses complex orchestrations to demonstrate the depth of the woman’s feelings when someone finally reaches out to her.


Tian Boothe

Tian Boothe is an award winning independent filmmaker centering her work around truth and compassion. She studied art degrees in Cinema Production and Humanities. She is known for Shattered Dream (2018) and E. R. Compliance.

Wi Chen

At NYU, Chen studied with film composers Irwin Fisch and Michael Patterson, and in 2017, she won the NYU Film Scoring Competition in the Animation Short category. 

Ivan Palacio

Ivan Palacio is a freelance cinematographer. He shot the first quarter of E. R. Compliance. His producing works also include Running on Empty(2015) and Stuck(2016)

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